SUPing Tips and Tricks


So you’re the proud new owner of a Mussel Board SUP, what the hell do you do with it? Try these tips for a successful session.

1. Wear a leash. No. 1 they are a safety device to keep you attached your flotation device and they can prevent your board from floating off and hitting others enjoying the water.

2. Standing in the correct position is paramount to staying on your board. Try finding the balance point of the board on your knees first and then standing where your knees were. The front shouldn’t pop out of the water and the back shouldn’t sit low in the water.

3. Use the paddle correctly. Initially we all try to scoop the water however having the scoop to the front of you results in smoother more efficient strokes.

4. Use the correct paddle length it should be 6”-8” taller than you. Our paddles are all adjustable.

5. Your first strokes should be should be fairly short and close to the board so that you can maintain control.

6. Paddle with your core, the strongest muscles in your body are located here and allow you to effectively use all your power.

7. To go in a straight(ish) line you will need to change side you paddle with every 4 or 5 strokes. This will alternate your hand position as well.

8. When standing up on your SUP look at the horizon, looking at your feet or the water can result in you rocking back on your hells and falling in!

9. When you fall in aim for the water, falling on the board can hurt and cause you an injury!

10. Observe good SUP and Surf etiquette stay out of the way of other users for their safety and yours.